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KozakFC (Fully Compact) 450/550 Bullpup

Was: $999.00 - $1,029.00
Now: $849.00
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The Zbroia KozakFC Bullpup is small, powerful, and full of features!  Whereas the Kozak tactical Bullpup has the action and cocking lever slightly forward of the face, the FC is a Fully Compact PCP Bullpup with the action completely moved rearward. This results in an extremely compact PCP.   The 550 KozakFC is the same size as the Kozak Tactical Bullpup. And like all Zbroia, it is regulated for shot to shot consistency, and the airtube can be filled to as high as 300 Bar to get extra shots! 

Available in .177 and .22 Caliber, these are COMPACT, POWERFUL, and ACCURATE BULLPUPs!  The smooth lever action makes for easy follow-up shots.  These are a high quality PCP airguns at an affordable introductory price!  

 Barrel Lengths:

450mm Standard: This size offers compactness, and full power. Power = 22 FPE in ,177 and 32 FPE in .22 cal.

550mm Long: This size offers  more shot count (by using less air) in .177 and .22 and more power in .177 cal. (26 FPE).  Power remains 32 FPE in .22 cal.


Magazine Capacity:

 12 rounds (.177); 

 10 rounds (.22)


.177 Cal:

22 Ft-Lbs / 30 Joules 450mm;

26 Ft-Lbs / 35 Joules 550mm


.22 Cal:

32 Ft-Lbs / 40 Joule in 450 & 550 mm Barrel 

Fill Pressure:

310 Bar / 4500 PSI

Air Reservoir Volume:

230 cc with 450 mm Barrel

290 cc with 550 mm Barrel 

Was: $1,300.00
Now: $1,149.99