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Emperor V2 2" x 10"

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All new and improved Emperor v2. 1 inch shorter and comes in at 13oz compared to 1lb of the Emperor v1. 


  • 5 vent holes are added to each of the Emperor's outer groove to help redirect air from the front muzzle
  • compatible with .22, .25, .30, .308, .457 and .50 caliber
  • Please note: does not come with adapter, please look in our adapter section for the specific adapter for your air rifle.
  • Endcaps for 1/2 x 20 UNF, M18x1 (big bore)
  • Precision CNC'd
  • End caps have been redesign to reduce weight
  • Comes pre-wrapped in felt
  • Machined grooves on the outside for easy handling.
  • Made with 6061 Aluminum, will not work for firearms.

*Airgun use only, will not ship outside of the US

*Note: If you're shooting .357 cal and above on high power or breaking the sound barrier (1,125 fps) please do not expect mouse fart results. The gun is pushing a tremendous amount of air. It will however allow you to enjoy shooting without the aid of hearing protection.