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Vulcan Tactical Rifle PCP Airgun .22 & .25 Cal

 The Vulcan .22 and .25 Bullpups are one of, if not the finest Bullpups offered today!    The forward cocking bolt is much more natural and easier.  The sight picture doesn't change while cocking since there is no need to reach WAY back behind the ear to pull a lever, and you won't need to remove your trigger hand from the grip while cocking.  The bolt is where your forward hand naturally holds the rifle and comes standard on the left side, but can easliy be moved over to the other side. (Shown here with optional Lever Action kit installed).  We also have in stock the kits to convert over from Bolt to Lever action for an additional charge. We will perform the Lever Kit installation for no charge if you purchase the Lever Kit from us.  

  • The Scope mount via a Picatinny Rail.
  • Turkish Walnut Stock
  • Adjustable Trigger
  • Safety
  • Fill Probe included

-.22 Cal

  • 11 Shot Magaines (2 provided)
  • 60 regulated shots at about 30 Foot Pounds with 250 Bar Fill ( can fill to 300 BAR)
  • Overall length = 26 3/4"
  • Weight approx 6 Lbs.


-.25 Cal

  • 9 Shot Magaines (2 provided)
  • 46-50 Foot Pounds
  • Overall length = 26 3/4"
  • Weight approx 6 Lbs.


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