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HDD for Marauder Rifle

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Increase your Marauder's Shot count and Power with our Hammer De-Bounce Device.

We installed this into a customer's Marauder and immediately saw a 50% increase in the number of shots per fill, and a total of 2.59x's the shot count from any 4500 PSI tanks.  All this while also giving it an increase in energy and making it MUCH quieter. Well worth purchasing just for savings in the times you will need to fill your Marauder!

Show at the bottom of the photo. You will use your stock hammer and end-cap (shown in top of photo, hence not included)

We will also install this in your Marauder that you now own for $99 (including parts and labor).




Below is a sample of a .25 cal Marauder that we modified and compared to stock.   The lower black line is of the un-modified Marauder.  The upper line (red) is with the HDD.  The modified rifle with HDD exhibited more than 50% more shots each from each fill (from 22 shot increased to 33, see graph below), gave more power and was much quieter.  

The HDD modified (red) was tuned for significantly more power with more shots and it STILL got 50% more shots per rifle fill vs. stock (black) and it was MUCH QUIETER!