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My name is Joe Brancato.  I am an Engineer/Physicist by trade and worked in the Aerospace industry for 25 years.  As such, I have always demanded the HIGHEST QUALITY and SAFETY in all my products.  I was appalled at products designed for paintball pressures (that frequently blew up!) being passed off as capable of 4500 PSI for PCP Airgun.  Most were selling under-rated foreign-made paintball gauges, fittings, hoses, or chrome-plated brass quick disconnects only rated 1200-2500 PSI on their 4500 PSI tank, etc..   I decided to do something about it and custom machined my own parts out of stainless steel instead of brass, made custom fittings to reduce air waste and used high quality gauges.   I decided to make hoses  rated more than 5 times the working pressure of the competition (nobody beats our hose rating, or track record).   I now offer the BEST & SAFEST Fittings, Hoses, Adapters, Gauges, etc. and I GUARANTEE the BEST PRICE and QUALITY!  As you peruse this website, you will notice one thing. All of these products are the highest quality available PERIOD. Notice the abundance of STAINLESS STEEL fittings where others use chrome plated brass, aluminum or other inferior metals. and have grown to be recognized as providing the HIGHEST QUALITY and LOWEST PRICE for High Pressure Air products for Paintball, PCP Airgun, Military, R&D, etc. while still being the price leader.  It doesn’t matter if you are filling a PCP Airgun (such as a Marauder), or using one of our systems in a rocket, R&D or military installation, our guarantee is THE BEST PRICE FOR THE BEST PRODUCT.  As we say, "Why pay more, for less?"

NOTE:  I have priced my tanks such that there is no need to purchase a foreign made items.   So get much higher quality, keep Americans employed, and pay less.


Usually I or someone else will answer the phone 7 days a week, between 8AM-8PM Pacific.  If you call us during business hours (8AM-4:30PM Pacific on weekdays), you will ALWAYS get a human being answering the phone within 4-5 rings, not a machine or be put on hold. If you don’t get us in 4-5 rings, either call back, or dial 911 as something isn’t right at our shop.  J




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