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Bauer Junior II 115 VAC

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 While we always recommend a 230 VAC unit over the 115 VAC, (one reason being the 230 VAC is faster), sometimes onel just doesn't have access to 230 VAC (such as an electric dryer outlet).  It is for these individuals that we do suggest the 115 VAC version of the Bauer JRII.

 When you want the absolute best, and most reliable compressor, BAUER is the only one.  QUALITY and much more time between rebuilds vs. any other brand are just some of the reasons that Fire Departments demand BAUER equipment.  Bauer will cost less in the short term, as well as the long term.

Was: $1,621.95 - $1,741.95
Now: $1,364.95 - $1,484.95