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Komptec SCUBA Compressor

Komptec Compressor
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Komptec has been making HPA compressors for over 20 years.  Our Komptec is available in 115 VAC (KT-70) and 230VAC (KT-90) and both units come complete with everything one needs to properly fill their tank, including breathing quality filtration. 


The KT-90 has a 230VA/20A 60 Hz 3HP motor and provides 3.2 cfm (90 lpm). It will fill a 97 Cu Ft (550 Cu In) Great White or 73 Cu Ft (410 Cu In) Tiger Shark from 0-4500 PSI in only 28 / 21 Minutes. 

The KT-90 will top off a Great White or Tiger Shark from 3000 back up to 4500 PSI in only 10 / 7 minutes.  


The KT-70 features all the same design goodness as the KT-90, but with a 115V/20A 2HP motor.  It delivers 2.5 cfm (70 lpm), with fill times about 33% longer than the KT-90.  





·       Moisture Filter is included at no additional cost.

·       All models include a Minimum Pressure Valve and fill whip with fill/bleed valve.  When you order will will provide to a choice of either female Foster Quick Disconnect or  DIN Connector adapter for the end of the fill hose.

·       Dry air – Moisture Separator and molecular sieve filter integral in design.  Non-breathing air version offers 15 hours lifetime.

·       Just add a plug (too many types of 230V receptacles out there to guess right) and you’re ready to go.  Filter cartridge and oil come with the compressor.

·       Compressor is under a cover – Allows for the cover to act as a plenum. Providing excellent cooling for the inter stage coils.

·     Auto or Manual - Manual condensate drain is standard

·       Designed for long life and reliability.   

·       Low operating costs.