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Huben K1 Semi-Auto Gen 2

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Look for updates on this product on this page, as we are going to provide a full review the first week in April (Joe Brancato)

The Huben K1 is a semi-auto PCP Airgun Rifle (technically a Bullpup).  A Bullpup significantly shortens the over-all length of the airgun by moving the action into the stock.


  • Huben K1 Semi-auto Carbine
  • Length ~ 32" (shorter than many "Bulpups")
  • Caliber - .22
  • Action - Pneumatically powered Piston-driven Hammer. No cocking at all.
  • Power is externally adjustable. For max accuracy, we suggest keeping the pellet in the sane region of 880 -900 F/S or so.  This gun is a power-house, and can be dialed up to VERY HIGH SPEED and POWER, but obviously at a loss of accuracy.  
  • 2nd Generation with new Barrels & all the kinks worked out!


More details forthcoming this week!




Was: $13,067.00 - $13,666.00
Now: $9,999.00 - $10,598.00