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2 1/2 Glycerin Filled Gauge

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Upgrade from your current tiny, hard to read gauge with our much larger, high quality, easy to read gauge. (Valve NOT included, but available separately).


These gauges are made in the U.S. by Wika, specified with 1% accuracy, Stainless Steel body and Glycerin-filled.  No Teflon tape is required for our gauges, as these have the proper BSPP thread required for many of the valve used for filling PCP Airguns.  


Note: some re-sellers will improperly jam an NPT gauge, into their MDE Valve (they are threaded only for BSPP).  This can be determined if one can see teflon tape on the thread of the gauge.  Should  you wish to replace one, the decision is up to you if you wish to contnue wtih the NPT gauge (also offered), or return to the BSPP thread gauge offered here.


All our Stainless Steel gauges are 2.5" in diameter, Glycerin-filled, and made in the U.S. by Wika.  We also offer a slightly smaller 2.0" gauge for our Guppy tanks if you prefer.


NOTE: These are for the DIN300 Valves (Midland-MDE, Omega, TJ3) used for filling PCP Airguns and NOT for SCBA tanks.


SCBA tank valves can either use 

our SCBA Hose Assembly listed here:


or our TJ3 valve replacement listed here:

Was: $499.00 - $737.99
Now: $449.00 - $687.99