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Products > PCP Airguns from .177 to .72 Cal > Taipan Mutant Bullpup PCP Airgun > Taipan Mutant Bullpup Shorty (CZ Barrel)

Taipan Mutant Bullpup Shorty (CZ Barrel)

Color of Stock:
Length (Standard or Compact):
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Available in Black or Brown Wood

Short or Standard Bullpup length

Adjustable trigger

2 magazines & Single shot adaptor included at no additional charge

Sidelever (switch to left or right side)

Fill pressure (250bar)

Manual Safety


Scope mount : Picatinny



Taipan Mutant Short

Overall length 22.75in

Weight 6.4lb

.22 caliber - energy

25 FPE


Taipan Mutant Standard

Overall length 27.5in

Weight 7lb

.22 caliber - energy 35 FPE