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RAW Rapid Air Weapons TM1000 Thumbhole

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The Rapid Air Weapons TM1000 has been in the making for many years. Its elegant looks are pleasing to the eye, but behind the looks is a serious piece of engineering that has been developed with accuracy in mind.  Straight from the beginning, its internally fitted regulator and fixed bottle gives less flow restrictions than other rifles resulting in approx. 80 shots from its 180cc reservoir at 19.7 ft lbs in .177 Caliber.  Built to the customers specifications in any of the four calibers available and at a power level to suit the end use.   A quick fill coupling for refilling, a pressure gauge conveniently located for easy viewing and dovetail mounts to give the shooter the multiple choice of mounts that are readily available. 

Finish includes all Aluminum parts being coated for protection.  Astainless steel ported shroud which has been fixed to the barrel to increase rigidity and leave a cosmetic finish that compliments the final product. 

The stock is available in two styles, Walnut or Black laminate.  Available withfinger grooved thumbhole or vertical grip with full palm swell, both styles come fitted with adjustable cheek and butt pad.  The TM1000 comes with a 10 inch long accessory rail fitted to the underside of the forend.  All internal components are hand finished.  Hammer and trigger parts are hardened and polished for extra smoothness in reloading as well as making for a cleaner firing cycle.   The sidelever linkage and bolt have been hardened ready for a lifetime of work. 


  • High and low powers
  • Sidelever Action 
  • Stainless Steel Ported shroud 
  • Match Trigger
  • Walnut or Laminate stock
  • Carbon Fiber shroud (optional) 
  • Match Grade Barrel 
  • Right or left handed action
  • Regulated 
  • Quick Fill and Pressure Gauge
  • Adjustable butt plate
  • Dovetail Scope Rail 
  • Accessory Rail
  • High Power length 44 inches 
  • High Power weight 10.5lbs (laminate stock version) 
  • 12ft lbs Power weight 9.2lbs 
  • 12ft lbs Power length 39 ½ inches 
  • Available in .177 and .20cal

Weight 10.5 lbs