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RAW Rapid Air Weapons HM1000X .357 Cal

Sporter or Thumbhole?:
Walnut or Laminate:
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The .357 cal is available built on the already proven HM1000x action and valving system.  It can be supplied in any of the stock configurations already available for the "X" rifles, Right or left hand Sporter and Right or left hand Thumbhole. Both Laminate and Walnut versions can be supplied.  The stock comes fitted with an adjustable butt pad and stippled for a secure grip. 

The .357 comes fitted with a Carbon Fiber sleeved barrel and Carbon Fiber Moderator, 7 shot magazine, 480cc Carbon Fiber bottle filled to 230bar and is fitted with a regulated "V" quick fill and gauge set up.  The power is set at just under 100ft lbs with the 80gr JSB pellets, a minimum of 25 shots will be given at the regulated pressure. 

Weighing in at 9lb 12oz with a standard laminate stock and 8lb 12oz with the walnut, the rifle is 46" 1/4 long. 

This is a serious Hunting Rifle which is accurate out to 100yds (we have seen 1" - 2" 10 shot groups from out of the tin ammo). Testing fully all variations of power and accuracy even taking an unregulated rifle up to 140ft lbs, however the ammunition available performs best at a maximum of 100ft lbs.  At 100yds RAW has chronographed the rifle and it still has 55ft lbs of energy. 

A note: the .357 action, magazine and barrel will not interchange with any other RAW or Theoben rifles, all these components have been machined wider and thicker to allow for the larger ammunition. 

Machined into the action is a new style Picatinny rail with 22 MOA to give the shooter added ability to zero at longer distances, Both Picatinny and Weaver mounts will fit.  The Rifle can be single shot loaded. The trigger is a fully adjustable sporting version of the TM1000 target trigger with an added safety catch, 

All Aluminum parts are coated for protection and the internal components are hand finished.  Hammer and trigger parts are hardened and polished for extra smoothness in reloading as well as making for a cleaner firing cycle.   The sidelever linkage and bolt have been hardened ready for a lifetime of work. 

.357 Hunting Air Rifle
Blacked action 
Carbon Fiber Sleeved barrel and Moderator 
4th Generation Trigger 
7 shot Magazine 
480cc Carbon Fiber Bottle (230bar max) 
Laminate or Walnut stock, Right or Left hand 
Aluminum Moderator 
Right handed action only (left hand will be coming soon)
Regulated Quick Fill with Gauge
Picatinny Scope Rail
Length 46" 1/4 inches 
Sidelever Action

Weight = 9.12 Lbs